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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

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A new provision to tackle crime and cannabis misuse in Newcastle

A new course has been launched to tackle crime and cannabis misuse in Newcastle. The course has been developed by Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company in conjunction with NECA and will be delivered as part of a community order.

The education based course is targeted at offenders who have been arrested for a cannabis related offence or who disclose cannabis misuse. The course is designed to look at all aspects of cannabis misuse and the impact it has on people who use it on a regular basis.

It also looks at what individuals know about cannabis and its long term effects on their health and mental well being, as well as the legal implications for continued misuse.

Offenders are asked how often they use cannabis before they are sentenced. They can be referred to the course if they indicate a frequency of weekly or more.

Steve Gilbert, Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company reducing reoffending manager for Newcastle said: “This is a real opportunity for individuals to find out the facts about prolonged cannabis misuse, especially the negative impact that it can have upon all aspects of a persons life.

“The course aims to support offenders in addressing their cannabis misuse and challenges their behaviour and lifestyle, working with them to stop their offending.”

Jay recently completed the course as part of his sentence. He explains: “I found doing the course a really good experience, it’s changed the way I think. Seeing the effects cannabis can have on people has really hit home. It’s not the life I want to be part of anymore.”

Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company is responsible for the majority of probation services across Northumbria, working with adult offenders in the community to protect the public and reduce reoffending.

Offenders will also be offered the opportunity to engage with NECA to look at ways to stop or reduce cannabis misuse throughout their sentence. They will be provided with access to a recovery support worker for ongoing support to achieve a drug free lifestyle.

Jackie Johnson, NECA Area Manager said: “NECA is delighted to work in partnership with Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company in delivering these innovative courses to offenders. The courses are aimed at educating the individual around the effects of cannabis on all aspects of their life including health and wellbeing and offending behaviour. Participants are encouraged to look at how their cannabis use has impacted on their family, social life and work prospects. Feedback has been very positive and the course is well attended.”   

August 07, 2014

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