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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

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Community Orders

Community orders can be the most effective solution for many offenders, and provide a combination of punishment and rehabilitation. Offenders are able to reintegrate into their local community whilst they are serving their sentence.   

The community order has a number of requirements which can be used in different combinations. This means the order can be specially tailored depending on:

  • the seriousness of the offence
  • the likelihood of reoffending
  • the potential risk of harm the offender poses to the community
  • the work which needs to be done to change the offender's behaviour
  • a community order will usually include anything from 1 to 4 requirements
Requirement  Duration

Rehabilitation activity requirement - The offender undertakes appointments and activities designed to support their rehabilitation.

Up to 60 activity days. Appointments not specified
Community Payback - The offender must work unpaid for the benefit of the community. 40 – 300 hours
Offending behaviour programmes - Nationally accredited programmes which are specially designed to address different types of offending.  Stated number (or range) of sessions
Drug rehabilitation - The offender must address their drug misuse, drug related lifestyle and offending. 6 – 36 months 
Alcohol treatment - The offender must attend treatment to reduce or eliminate their dependency on alcohol. 6 - 36 months 
Curfew - The offender must remain at an agreed place between specified hours. This is monitored electronically.  up to 6 months
Mental Health treatment - For this requirement the court must be satisfied the mental condition of the offender requires and may be susceptible to treatment.  up to 36 months
Residence - The offender is required to live at a specified address. This might be a probation hostel (Approved Premises), independent hostel or a private address.  up to 36 months
Exclusion - The offender is not allowed to enter certain areas. Where possible, this will be monitored electronically.  Up to 2 years
Prohibited activity - The offender must not participate in certain activities on or at specified times. This might include using a computer or taking part in sports activities.  Up to 36 months

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