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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

Image: prison boundary


On release from prison

All adult offenders are subject to a minimum of 12 months supervision in the community after they are released from prison.

This is known as Through the Gate resettlement services. It enables vital work to be undertaken with the offender to support them in rejoining their local community and adopting a crime free lifestyle.

The length of the post sentence supervision in the community depends on the length of the original sentence, but will be at least 12 months. They may also be subject to licence conditions for some or all of this time.

The licence and post sentence supervision is strictly enforced. If the offender does not comply, swift action is taken.

What’s involved

Northumbria CRC is responsible for delivering Through the Gate resettlement services in the Northumbria area, working with prison staff , our contracted resettlement workers from APM and our supply chain providers.

Work begins while the offender is still in prison and continues in the community. The resettlement workers meet with the offender and create a resettlement plan for their release. This can include:

  • support in finding suitable accommodation
  • advice on managing money, benefits & debt
  • help with getting ready for work and finding employment
  • support for individuals who are or have been a sex worker
  • support for individuals who are a victim of domestic violence
  • other support the individual might need, for example managing drug or alcohol abuse

The resettlement workers liaise with the offender's responsible officer and the relevant supply chain providers to ensure everything is in place for the offender release, to ensure they receive the support they need in the community.

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