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Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

Image: Offending behaviour programme taking place


Offending behaviour programmes

These are nationally accredited courses which are designed to address the attitudes and patterns of behaviour that contribute to offending. They are imposed by the courts when the offender is sentenced.

Each programme follows a national curriculum, designed to challenge offenders in their thinking and support them in:

  • Accepting responsibility for their actions.
  • Thinking rationally about the situations they face in their every day life.
  • Learning new ways of coping and responding without offending.
  • Managing their behaviour responsibly.

Courses are usually delivered in a group setting. Depending on the course, they can last from 3 months to over a year. Sessions are between 2 hours and a full day, and are delivered once or twice a week in groups of 10-12 offenders. The offender is supported throughout by their offender manager, who will help them to understand everything they are doing.

Northumbria CRC runs five accredited programmes:

For more detailed information, click on the titles of each programme

Drink Impaired Drivers    This teaches offenders about the consequences of drinking and driving. It helps them to become responsible and legal drivers. 
Building Skills for Recovery   Offenders look at how drugs, alcohol and substances affect their offending. The programme aims to motivate them to change their lifestyles in order to prevent further criminal behaviour.  
Building Better Relationships Programme  

The programme is designed to reduce reoffending by adult male offenders convicted of offences involving domestic violence.

Thinking Skills Programme  

The programme addresses offenders thinking patterns which lead to offending. It aims to reduce reoffending by engaging and motivating individuals in setting goals and planning to achieve these without offending.

Resolve Programme   Resolve aims to reduce violence in medium risk adult male offenders. The programme includes group and individual sessions and is suitable for offenders with a history of reactive or instrumental violence.


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