Through the Gate

Our Through the Gate (TTG) service has been designed to help you settle back into the community after leaving prison.

TTG is provided by a team of skilled, experienced resettlement workers who can give you support and advice, tailored to your individual needs.

Our resettlement workers will create a plan with you that might include:

  • finding suitable accommodation ready for your release
  • preparing you for work and help you search for a job
  • finding suitable training and education courses
  • giving you advice on managing money, claiming benefits and dealing with debt
  • getting support if you’ve been a sex worker or victim of domestic abuse.

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When will Through the Gate start?

Step one: Within 72 hours of your arrival, prison staff will meet you to carry out an initial assessment of your needs.

Step two: A resettlement worker will then carry out a second assessment and will work with you to create a resettlement plan. This might include doing things while you’re in prison such as an educational course or learning a new skill. You’ll also get support to deal with any immediate needs such as ending a tenancy or keeping a job.

Step three: At least 12 weeks before you’re due to leave prison, your resettlement worker will help you prepare for your release by making sure everything in your plan is being put into action.

Step four: Once you’ve been released from prison, your resettlement worker may continue to work with you in the community while you complete the rest of your sentence.

What happens when I leave prison?

If you committed an offence on or after 1 February 2015, you’ll have at least 12 months of supervision in the community.

Whatever the length of your sentence, you’ll be released from prison at the halfway point and you’ll serve the second half of your sentence on licence or subject to Post Sentence Supervision, in the community. While you’re on licence, you could be recalled back to prison if you break any of your sentence conditions. If you are subject to Post Sentence Supervision you may returned to court if you break the conditions.

Through the Gate is a legally enforceable part of your sentence and you must do everything you are asked to do. If you don’t comply then:

  • if you’re on licence, you could be recalled back to prison
  • if you’re on supervision in the community (Post Sentence Supervision), you could go back to the magistrates court and receive a fine, a curfew, an unpaid work sentence or up to 14 days in prison.

Make a fresh start

If you’ve been given a community sentence we can help you to look for a new home, get a job, apply for benefits, sort out debts, overcome addiction and plan for your future through the Rehabilitation Activity Requirement.